Is it Worth Your Money to Pay an SEO Company?

As the owner of a small business that has a limited budget SEO can be tough. Many people in your position choose to do it themselves – they go online, look for pointers and apply them on their websites. This approach rarely works; for one thing they pointers that are online are usually quite general. For another as someone who is running a business you will hardly have enough time to do SEO properly – if you do you will end up ignoring other areas of your business that need you. True, you may not have the money that it takes to pay an SEO company but you should do whatever you can to include it in your budget.

Professional SEO means that you are getting a service whose only dedication is to make sure that you get on the first page of search results. They have the necessary skills and experience to help you dominate your competition. All they do is study and apply algorithms. This means that they can get you where you want to be a lot faster than if you did it yourself.

When hiring and SEO company you can kill 2 birds with one stone if you hire one that also does social media marketing. Social media marketing and SEO go hand in hand. In fact, if you are not doing well on both it may arouse user suspicions. If they find you on the first page of search results and check for your profile on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites and find that you don’t have a robust profile they may wonder why. In they find that you are big on social media but cannot find your website when they search relevant terms they may also become suspicious.

It is important to vet any SEO company before you hire them. Find out whether they have helped other businesses that are similar to yours and what kind of results they were able to achieve. You should ask them to give you at least 3 references. A good SEO company will do 2 things when you approach them – they will interview you so as to understand your business and your goals and they will also audit your website to establish exactly what is needed. They will also not give you false expectations – Google dominance takes a while to achieve and if anyone tells you otherwise they are not being truthful with you. You should also do comparison shopping. That said, it is risky to go with a company simply because they are cheap – it could be telling of their services.